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Examples include:

Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife - Barbara McNally
Wounded Warrior, Wounded Wife
Barbara McNally
An intimate look into the chaotic and demanding lives of military spouses as they adjust to living with injured combat veterans.
Koehler Books
October 2016

What the Private Saw: The Civil War Letters & Diaries of Oney Foster Sweet
Private Oney F. Sweetís previously unpublished letters and diaries offer a unique glimpse of the
American Civil War.
Wigeon Publishing
April 2015

Murder Survivorís Handbook - Connie Saindon
Murder Survivorís Handbook: Real-Life Stories, Tips & Resources
Connie Saindon
From death notification to dealing with the criminal justice system, this book provides advice, resources, and techniques for getting through the aftermath
of a homicide.
Winner, Gold Award, 2015 IBPA Benjamin Franklin book awards
Finalist, San Diego Book Awards, 2015
Wigeon Publishing
September 2014

The Journey: Learning to Live with Violent Death - Connie Saindon
The Journey: Learning to Live with Violent Death
Connie Saindon
A workbook based on Restorative Retelling for clinicians and individuals.
The Journey leads people through a healing process after losing a family member or friend in a violent death. Wigeon Publishing
December 2015

Accidental Immigrants - David Ward
Accidental Immigrants
a memoir by
David Ward
In 1965, three young Englishmen set off to drive the Pan American highway to the United States, where they hoped to find jobs. Instead, they found a new
immigration law.
Winner, San Diego
Book Awards, 2014

(unpublished memoir)

Unbridled - Barbara McNally
a memoir by
Barbara McNally
Following the lead of her adventurous late grandmother, Barbara sets off to overcome her fears and find her independence; 2014.

Home From The Banks - Poems from Arthur William Raybold
Home From The Banks
Poems by Arthur William Raybold — wit, feeling, and lyrical insight from a keen observer of life.
Wigeon Publishing, 2013
Outlasting The Nazis And Communists
Outlasting The Nazis And Communists: My Life in Vienna & Prague
a memoir by Paul Vantoch, who lived under Nazi and Communist oppressors until he escaped to the West.
Pumish Publishing, 2013
Beyond the Spotlight: On the Road With Phyllis Diller - Robin Skone-Palmer
Beyond the Spotlight:
On the Road With
Phyllis Diller

a memoir by
Robin Skone-Palmer,
who recalls the years she served as the comedienne's personal secretary
Wigeon Publishing, 2013

Digital Dick - John Mullen
Digital Dick
a mystery by John Mullen
— after he witnesses a bloody murder, Dick, a computer with a human personality, offers to assist the San Diego Police Department catch the killer.
Winner, San Diego Book Awards, 2015;
Murders in Time Press,
July 4, 2014

Final Return - Ron Howeth
Final Return
a novel by Ron Howeth
— a terminally ill Vietnam veteran assembles a team of combat vets to turn the tables on the IRS.
Temecula Valley Publishing, April 15, 2014
(out of print)

Water Shock - Milt Burgess
Water Shock
a novel by
Milt Burgess
— water expert Charlie Reagan does battle with evil people, true believers, natural disasters, and failed water policy.
Finalist, San Diego Book Awards, 2014
Agua Nuevo Publishing, 2013

In the Shadow of Vargas - E. Paul Bergeron
In the Shadow of Vargas
a novel by
E. Paul Bergeron
— when William MacLeod, a member of an American fur trapping party, seeks help for a wounded companion in Spanish New Mexico, he finds love and encounters a vengeance that will test his power to fulfill the promises he made.

The Left Hand of Light - Christopher Vera
The Left Hand of Light
a novel by
Christopher Vera
— a lonely woman with intuitive powers meets a dark and driven man with the ability to cross over into the Spirit World; together they battle the Black Queen of Shadow who contrives to take them into the Underworld; 2013.

The Golden Ketch by William Hesselbacher
The Golden Ketch,
a novella by William Hesselbacher and Michael C. Lee — a sailing adventure and mystery set against the backdrop of World War II in the South Pacific.
Ebook available for Kindle devices
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Publishing Consultant

  • What's best for you? Traditional path through a literary agent and New York publishing house? Co-op or subsidised publishing? Self-publishing? Print on demand? ePublishing/eBook? I can help you sort through the options to determine what's the best fit for you, in economic as well as practically terms.

  • Projects include:
Final Return - Ron Howeth
Final Return
a novel by Ron Howeth
paperback, ebook

Outlasting The Nazis And Communists: My Life in Vienna & Prague - Paul Vantoch
Outlasting The Nazis And Communists: My Life in Vienna & Prague
a memoir by Paul Vantoch
hardcover, paperback, ebook

Golden: An American Odyssey
Golden: An
American Odyssey

a memoir by
Michael L. Hughes
(case binding)
Dirty-Bomb Terror
Dirty-Bomb Terror
by Chet Cunningham


Editor Larry Edwards was exactly the right person for this project, and his insight, compassion and expertise have been indispensable.
— Connie Saindon

Thank you, Larry Edwards, for helping shepherd Digital Dick into being. You have greatly increased the level of Dick's Satisfaction Index.

— John Mullen

I couldn't have done this without you.
— Paul Vantoch

Thank you, dear Lord, for finding Larry Edwards, a man I have never met except in cyberspace but feel like he is my best friend. Larry edited this book, kept me on course, and prevented me from embarrassing myself. I recommend Larry to any one who is foolish enough to tackle something like this book.
— Michael L. Hughes

Your insights, your knowledge, your quick understanding of what I'm trying to do are impressive and amazing. As I rewrote the synopsis, I could see the novel transform in my head and it's terrific, thanks to you. You're an outstanding teacher!
— Sharon Davis

Thank you, thank you! ... Larry Edwards went through the [manuscript] line by line.
— Gary Sutton

I thank you a million times for bringing my stories to life. I hope you will always keep me under your tutelage. You are of great help to me.
— Isaac Olaleye

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