Wigeon Publishing

Wigeon Publishing

Handcrafted Books by Artisans of the Written Word

Because publishing is becoming more business-oriented each day with more examination of the bottom line, it's harder to break out than ever.
— Nicholas Sparks

Wigeon Publishing is a small press that publishes books of merit that have been overlooked by the big houses in New York.

Two Wigeon books have received prestigious honors and rave reviews, as well as becoming top sellers in their categories.

Wigeon Publishing is not actively seeking new titles at this time.

proud member of the Independent Book Publishers Association Wigeon Publishing is a proud member of the Independent Book Publishers Association.

What's a wigeon?, you ask? A cute little duck. This particular critter is a Eurasian Wigeon, an occasional visitor to North America. We spotted it in the San Diego River estuary and snapped the pic.

Why a wigeon? No particular reason other than it's unique, like Wigeon Publishing.

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