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Edwards Takes First Place in SD Book Awards, Unpublished Memoir

His book manuscript "Dare I Call It Murder?"
is honored at 18th annual event.

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — Larry Edwards' book manuscript Dare I Call It Murder? — A Memoir of Violent Loss, Grief and Clarity," took first place for unpublished memoir in the 18th Annual San Diego Book & Writing Awards. Larry Edwards, pictured with his wife Janis Cadwallader, takes first place for unpublished memoir

The award winners were announced Saturday, June 9.

"It's a great feeling to be honored by one's peers for something that's so deeply personal," said Edwards, who works as a freelance writer, book editor and publishing consultant. "The award offers a sense of validation not only for a decade-long effort, but for the true story behind my parents' deaths."

Judges' comments:

  • Dare I Call It Murder? is written especially well. I found myself thinking about your story — wanting to read more. Your writing is so revealing and beneficial to others. The impact of your last few lines — perfect.
  • The manuscript is beautifully written with just the correct amount of backstory in the right places, well-drawn characters, beautiful and evocative description. . . . I found it well-written, emotional and a compelling work.
  • I enjoyed this memoir very much. The story was extremely interesting and well-written, using sentence variety, excellent pace and well-though-out vocabulary.
Edwards said he did not reach this milestone without the help of others, particularly the members of his critique groups, and especially his wife, Janis Cadwallader.

"But the win is bittersweet," he added. "The only reason this memoir exists is because my parents were killed — and that dampens the excitement. Still, I am pleased. In my mind, this narrative sets the record straight. And I hope that when it's published it leads to a greater focus on and understanding of violent loss and the traumatic grief that goes with it."

In August 1977, Loren and Joanne Edwards left Puget Sound aboard their sailboat Spellbound, destined for French Polynesia. With them were two of their five children, 27-year-old Gary and 20-year-old Kerry. Six months later, Loren and Joanne lay dead aboard their boat, and Kerry was unconscious.

The FBI opened a murder investigation after Gary and Kerry, along with a family friend, give conflicting accounts as to how the deaths occurred and how Kerry got hurt. However, federal prosecutors never charged anyone, leaving the case unresolved.

In his memoir, the Edwardses' oldest son, Larry, unravels the maze of contradictory witness statements and reveals previously undisclosed facts to get at the truth of his parents' deaths and the toll the deaths took on his family, not only at the time, but three decades later.

To learn more about the forthcoming book, visit Dare I Call It Murder? — A Memoir of Violent Loss.

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