Góður Yule
Waes Hael! — Drinc Hael!

Those aren't masks; they are face warmers. Birding at 6,000 feet,
looking for the elusive White-headed Woodpecker.

Best wishes for a joyful Yule
and a return to normalcy in the coming New Year.

♩ ♫ ♩ ♫ ♩ ♫ ♩

                            Larry and Janis
                            "Pandemic Partners"

2021 Highlights

•   Birding Limited

Janis had all of her bird trips postponed yet again, but hopes to be able to resume her travels, rather than travails, in 2022, including a trip to Antarctica.

Consequently, our "big" outing/vacation of the year consisted of two (long story) all-too-brief trips to Idyllwild (Thank you, Dennis and Diane Christian), a small community in the San Jacinto Mountains (elevation: 6,000 feet), about a two-hour drive north of San Diego. There we spent much of our time at the Idyllwild Nature Center, binoculars in hand, while the termites in our newly painted house were terminated. Fortunately, it did not snow while we were there.

We got lucky with the top bird on our wish list, the White-headed Woodpecker, and saw at least six of them, and seven species of woodpecker in all, not to mention the usual mountain-area suspects.

     White-head Woodpecker, male and female.

More photos: Macaulay Library, Cornell University

•   Fresh Paint
We (finally) got the house painted, a soft green, cream trim, and a red front door. Best paint job the house has ever had. (Property values on the cul-de-sac have already gone up.)

Thank you, Fernando Luna and sidekick Fred.

And thank you next-door neighbor Courtney Mayer, who helped us select the complementary colors.

•   Frosty

Winter arrived a few days early for us, first with record rainfall, followed by four days of frost as of Solstice Eve (Dec. 20), covering our roof and vehicles with a thick coating of ice. If memory serves, this is a record for Chez Corsica in Sun Diego. (Must be the global warming.) We'll be burning a Yule log for sure.

Book / Writing News:

    I have tried to retire, but I keep getting phone calls and emails from authors in need of an editor, so I ended up editing several book manuscripts and seeing some of them published. You may find one or two of interest.

Music Arena: Another year of not much fiddling around, but it gave me the time to finish and publish The Pandemic Sessions — New Tunes in the Old-time Style (mostly).


The Pandemic Sessions comprises a series of recordings of compositions by yours truly. This volume contains the sheet music of these compositions, as well as explanatory notes.

The companion CD features each of the tunes, or the tracks may be downloaded individually.
YouTube Channel
YouTube Playlist

If you want a copy, get me your snail mail address and I will send you the book and CD.

Meanwhile, Dodging the Delta (and Omicron).
♩ ♫ ♩ ♫ ♩ ♫ ♩ Dodging the Delta, it's the new thing.
Dodging the Delta, doing the Delta Dodge Swing.
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