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June 7, 2017

Stolen Violins/Fiddles

San Diego Police Dept. crime report #17007643

Two violins/fiddles in a double case, with three bows and accessories, were taken on June 5, 2017, in San Diego, California, in the 3700 block of Mount Acadia Drive (Clairemont area). The case is brown, with deep-red plush interior and hydrometer; the case has broken zippers.


Violin #1


  • body length 35.9 cm
  • upper bout 16.7 cm
  • center bout 11.9 cm
  • lower bout 21.0 cm


No label. The varnish is a honey-brown color with slight orange highlights. Two-piece top and back. Condition very good.

Unique characteristics:

  • Perfection Planetary (geared) tuning pegs
  • Tailpiece, plain black, has NO fine tuners (note: current tailpiece is not the one depicted in the photograph)
  • Raised chin rest (reddish-brown showing wood grain) that straddles the tailpiece


Violin #2


  • body length 36.4 cm
  • upper bout 16.7 cm
  • center bout 11.9 cm
  • lower bout 21.0 cm


No label. The varnish is a golden brown color with a brownish-red in the c-bouts and edges. The condition is good, with a repaired crack from the saddle to the sound post. Standard friction pegs; tailpiece has built-in fine tuners. Two-piece top and back.


Violin Bows

  1. wooden bow with ebony frog (depicted at right)
  2. Baroque-style wooden bow
  3. Incredibow (carbon fiber) with reversed arc


  • Intelli tuner (with my return address label on the side)
  • rosin (two types)
  • sets of Helicore and Prim strings
  • mutes
  • nail clipper
  • small plastic bottle containing talcum powder
  • 1 pair of gray fleece Wristies
  • miscellaneous sheet music and tune lists of fiddle tunes

If anyone offers to sell you these instruments, or you hear of these instruments being offered for sale, please contact Larry Edwards at 858-292-9232 or

Reward offered for the return of the instruments or information that results in the return of the instruments.

    Copyright © 1994-, Larry M Edwards