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Become as Little Children

Bluegrass - Traditional - Gospel

Roger and Janice Maddy - Become as Little Children

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Enjoy the tight harmonies of Roger and Janice Maddy, the soulful fiddling of Craig Keene, the blistering banjo licks of Dan Young, and the solid rhythm of doghouse bass player Larry Edwards.

Originally recorded in 1981 at the All World Productions studio in Tacoma, Washington, and released on vinyl, the album has been digitally remastered and is now available for the first time on CD.

Engineer: Maurice Killenbeck
Cover Art: John Maddy, age 9
Exec. Producer: Larry Edwards

Tune List (original recording)

  1. Standing on the Mountain
  2. The Love of Your Life (Eva Boldt/Roger Maddy)
  3. Dakota Jane (Craig Keene)
  4. Memories of Mother (Janice Maddy/Roger Maddy)
  5. When I Die (Roger Maddy)
  6. Heaven (B. McSpadden/H. McSpadden)
  7. Old Pal
  8. Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes (Don Helms/Merle Taylor)
  9. The Philadelphia Lawyer (Woody Guthrie)
  10. Black Bottom Strut
  11. Just Inside Your Arms
  12. The Little White Church (Charles Pleasant)

    Plus BONUS TRACKS from a live performance
    at the Seattle Folklore Society Clubhouse in December 1975,
    featuring Ru Searson on banjo.

  13. Old Folks at Home
  14. Introduction
  15. I Never Will Marry
  16. The Soldier’s Return
  17. Katie Dear
  18. Nola
  19. Dear Old Dixie
  20. Columbus Stockade Blues
  21. I’m Using My Bible for a Roadmap
  22. The Wayfaring Stranger
  23. Down by the Waterfall
  24. Please, Be My Love
  25. In the Pines
  26. The Paperboy
  27. Y’all Come!

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Janice and Roger Maddy wrote and selected songs for this album that they want to communicate to you. These songs were chosen because they reflect the feelings of Roger and Janice and the feelings of their friends and loved ones. These are basic, kind humane feelings that we can all share. The Madddy's goals are to live a simple life based upon good friendship and human kindness, and they hope to share their feelings with others through the music they perform. I believe you will find this recording to most closely resemble early country music. All the song's lyrics have strong messages and the arrangements have been kept simple to accentuate the words of the songs.

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    Copyright © 1994-, Larry M Edwards