Corps of Rediscovery Corps of Rediscovery
Living History Reenactors
of the Period 1750-1840 on the
American Frontier

Corps of Rediscovery gathered at Old Town San Diego: (front row, L-R) Scout, Hat Man, Rusty, (back row, L-R) Bead Woman, Broken Hand, Friar, Strummer.

The Corps of Rediscovery is a group of living-history enthusiasts who depict the period of 1750-1840 on the American Frontier, specializing in Lewis & Clark's Corps of Discovery and the mountain men of the American Fur Trade.

Led by Chuck "Strummer" Preble and Larry "Friar" Edwards, the group makes living-history presentations at schools, museums, historical encampments and other events.
Trailblazers: Mountain Men in California
Trailblazers: Mountain Men in California.

The group elucidates the largely ignored but primary role of the mountain men in settling California and other western states. This includes setting up a trapper's camp, displaying historical artifacts, and telling the true tales of Jedediah Smith, Kit Carson, Jim Beckwourth, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, James O. Pattie, Ewing Young, Louis Robidoux, Peg Leg Smith and other mountain men who blazed the trails across America's western frontier.

Friar and Broken Hand performing at the Blacksmith Shop in Old Town San Diego
Friar and Broken Hand performing at the Blacksmith Shop in Old Town San Diego.
Mike "Hat Man" Robinson is a master hat maker and seamster, offering his wares for sale, and Naomi "Bead Woman" Lewis creates (you guessed it) works of art with her bead work, also for sale. Carl "Broken Hand" Costantino is the ironically named camp medicine man as well as a guitar picker.

The Corps of Rediscovery appears regularly at the Blacksmith Shop in Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, making historical presentations and performing music of the era.

Heritage CD cover
As the group Heritage, Strummer and Friar perform authentic old-time music on fiddle, guitar, banjo and mandolin, accompanied by Hat Man, who plays spoons and other percussion implements. Broken Hand on guitar and Robert "Weezer" Rez on mandolin often join them as well.


      Strummer and Friar each have written books relevant to the period:       The books are available online at Downwind Press: Books for the Buckskinner

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