Dare I Call It Murder? A Memoir of Violent Loss - Larry Edwards

Judgeís comment:
"I found myself wanting to read more. The impact of your last few lines—perfect."

Dare I Call It Murder? - A Memoir of Violent Loss - by Larry M Edwards

“. . . chilling . . . palpable . . . powerful . . .”
—Kirkus Reviews    

Award Winner

San Diego Book Awards, 2014
Best Published Memoir

San Diego Book Awards, 2012
(unpublished memoir)

Judgesí comments:
  • Dare I Call It Murder? is written especially well. I found myself thinking about your story — wanting to read more. Your writing is so revealing and beneficial to others. The impact of your last few lines — perfect.
  • The manuscript is beautifully written with just the correct amount of backstory in the right places, well-drawn characters, beautiful and evocative description. . . . I found it well-written, emotional and a compelling work.
  • I enjoyed this memoir very much. The story was extremely interesting and well-written.

Award Nominee

  • Pulitzer Prize (2014): Letters, Drama, and Music > Biography/Autobiography
  • Benjamin Franklin Award (2014): Autobiography/Memoirs
  • Washington State Book Award Nominee (2014): Biography/Memoir
  • One Book, One San Diego (2014)

Praise for the Book


Dare I Call It Murder? is a top-notch true-crime book. But as a memoir, itís a gut-wrenching look into Larry Edwardsí hell on earth after his parentsí deaths at sea. . . . You wonít be able to put down this tautly written and emotional look at the fatal splintering of a family and the search for truth by a survivor.

This is a powerfully written and personalized odyssey of the violent deaths of both of his parents and the disintegration of the family in the aftermath of traumatic grief. Suspected homicide is always tragic for a family, but this book is a lucid testament to the destructive power on the survival of the family when one family member is suspected of murdering another family member. We are swept up by the author's frustrated quest for justice and psychological coherence.

Itís the kind of book you canít put down. You will live this story.

Book Reviews

Kirkus Reviews

A chilling memoir of a family tragedy and its painful aftermath. . . . This book is an act of witness, and the author's motivation is palpable throughout: "I have a right to know. Our family has a right to know. Society has a right to know." . . . A powerful testament to a son's unyielding determination to tell his parents' story.

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Seattle PI/BlogCritics

Dare I Call It Murder? really hit home for me, as we just suffered a death in the family. My sister died in her sleep, and I guess because she was not wealthy, we are still waiting for an official cause of death. . . . It is a terrible thing for a family to lose someone, but not being able to put it into any sort of context just makes it worse.

ďThis is something that Larry Edwards is still clearly dealing with, and my heart goes out to him.

U-T San Diego

We donít hear much about is those left reeling in the aftermath of violent death: the spouses and children of the slain, the siblings and the friends. They suffer mostly in bewildered silence.

These are the people Larry Edwards writes about in his new book, Dare I Call It Murder? Because heís one of them.

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Reader Comments

Last night I started reading your book, and the Authorís Note was so powerful that I made my husband read it in the middle of his own book. Itís generously empowering and so brave. Congratulations. This WILL help others. Of course, itís meant to help families of murdered people, and it will do that. But we ALL need to feel more compassion for the families of victims of violent death. And we need to adjust our legal system to take into account the fact that ONE personís murder traumatizes TEN people. We need to be stronger about controlling violence and fear of violence.

Day and a half read..... an imperative...... haunting imagery, brutally raw, exquisitely portrayed, emotionally draining. Thank You.

I just finished reading your book. I did it in three "seatings." It was very hard to put down. It was very moving, and I can only imagine how frustrating and saddening it must have been, and still is, for you. Although the case has never been resolved, you documented a very clear account of what occurred. I thought your book was very well done and a true honor to your folks. I'm proud to be your friend.
—Hank Hiskes, retired police officer

I gobbled it up in 3 days, not wanting even to take a shower or do any chore that would take me away from it.

Customer Reviews


I got this book yesterday and could not put it down until I finished it! I remember when this was in the news over thirty years ago. I feel privileged to hear a voice being spoken for Loren & Jody Edwards.

I started Dare I Call It Murder? about 3:00 P.M. yesterday, wanting to fill a rather quiet Sunday. At 12:30 A.M., after reaching the last page, I could finally lay down the book and just sit there, thinking.
—R. Wallace

I, too, could not put the book down! Finished it at midnight. It is such a riveting story and is well written.
—Ina Denny

It is, to use an overworked phrase, a page-turner. I promise you won't put it down until you get past the Epilogue.
—Milt Burgess

His relentless quest for the truth plunges him into his own abyss and shipwrecks what's left of his family. There is no happy ending for this tragic event and Edwards' disturbing 30-year journey. However, there is a HOPEful ending.

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Release date
July 9, 2013

Marking the 35th anniversary year
of the deaths of Loren and Jody Edwards

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