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The Sailing Site Named to "Best 1001"

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (Jan. 15, 1996) -- PC Computing magazine has named The Sailing Site as one of the Best 1001 Best 1001 Web sites.

PC Computing The computer magazine has created a shortcut for people seeking information on the Web through its WebMap feature. Under the Sports category, The Sailing Site was named as the best source for sailing news and information.

"Our online staff has searched high and low for the best sites on the web," said PC Computing's Dylan Tweney.

Based in San Diego, The Sailing Site was founded late last spring in the wake of the America's Cup by Larry M. Edwards, who spearheaded the development and production of the official America's Cup '95 Web site, America's Cup On Line.

The ACOL site provided daily updates of the America's Cup action in San Diego. The Sailing Site provides similar coverage for sailing in general, with daily updates on racing, cruising, legal issues, maritime heritage and the marine industry as it pertains to sailing.

"A lot of effort and sleepless nights have gone into creating this Web page. It's encouraging when that effort is recognized," Edwards said. "Credit is also due to those who have helped make this a success, including the folks at 48° North magazine in Seattle."

Web hosting services and technical support for The Sailing Site are provided by the Data Transfer Group, a Web publisher, applications (software) developer and Internet access provider based in San Diego.

For the entire listing of the Best 1001 Web sites, see PC/Computing Online's WebMap.

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